Term and Conditions

Driving license
The Driver must have a minimum age of 23 and have at least 2 years driving experience.Driving licenses issued inside or outside the European Union are accepted.

Reservation, Payment & Documents
In order to make a reservation, NO credit card is needed.Simply ask for reservation and you will receive our confirmation by e-mail without delay.The payment takes place in cash up on pick up of the rental carThe documents you will need to bring along is the driving license and passport or ID card - for the European citizens. As soon as we fill in the contact of agreement, both documents are returned to you.

Fuel Policy
The customer pays for the fuel consumed in the car.He must return the car with fuel filled up in the tank at the exact same level which he/she received in the beginning of the rental. If the car returns with less fuel, the customer must pay at once the fuel missing. There is no refund when the car returns with more fuel.For late night return: on the day of pick up, the car is delivered to the customer with fuel enough to take him to his destination, which he has to pay on the spot. In this case, the driver will make his/ her late night return with tank empty.

Rental Extension
If the customer wishes to extend the rental period, he will have to inform us the soonest possible.

Cars & Availability
Especially during low availability periods and if for any important reason we cannot rent to you the car you have booked, you will receive another model from the exact same category or a car from a bigger category at the price agreed initially.

Long distance transfers
If you need to pick up or either return the car out of range of 30 km from Heraklion city, you will have to pay extra only for the fuel expenses, provided that time permits for this transfer to take place. Ask us!

Replacement & No-shows.
Inter Hellas rent a car will not replace your rental car with another one if you are not fond of its color, design, etc.If, for any reason, you wish to cancel, it is preferable to pre-notice. No cancellation fees will take place, so it is better to let us know early that the car is going to be available again give the opportunity to another customer to reserve it.

Delay of return
If the customer returns the car later than agreed without warning, for the first 2 hours of delay he is obliged to pay a penalty to Inter Hellas at the cost of half day rental. If the delay is more than 2 hours, the customer is obliged to pay the cost for a whole day of rental.

Roof racks
Please have in mind that the roof racks we provide for free are only available for specific car types.The customer must inform on his request about the special kind of luggage he will carry along, its weight, size, etc.Any damage on the car caused by the use of a roof rack or its load will not be covered by the insurance.

Baby / child seats /boosters
Please write the exact age and weight of your child, in order to receive the correct size of seat.
The baby/child seats which are provided for free are to be installed by the renter, this is not the company’s obligation.
The company or its representatives are not being held responsible for any wrong use of those seats by the customer.

The GPS is provided in many languages with extra charge per day. Any damage of any kind in the GPS will not be covered by the insurance.

Second driver
The second driver we provide for free, who must present to us his documents as well.Only up to 2 drivers can drive the same car, as they will both be fully covered by the insurance.

Accident or damage
In any case of an accident or damage, the customer is obliged to call us at once.Inter Hellas car rentals has the responsibility to notify the authorities, the insurance company and the road assistance company. The customer must write the plate numbers of the cars involved , the other driver’s name and telephone number if possible, as well as the name of the insurance company of the other vehicle. By the time must make no assumptions or statements to anyone concerning the incident.

The customer is obliged to pay any traffic fines that may occur during the rental period.

Regular Customers
A satisfied customer is our biggest reward!Ask us for your rental on your next visit to Crete and book your car with 5% off during Low and Middle season!Fill in the voucher that you will receive from our representative up on your arrival and ask him for further information! We will be happy to see you again on the years to come!

In case of loss or damage of the keys, you will have to pay 100€- 200€ for their replacement, depending on their type.

Flat tire
You will have to replace it yourself with the spare wheel and drive in low speed to the nearest store to fix the damaged one. At the end of the rental, please show the receipt and we will refund to you the total cost for this damage.

Off-road driving
The path to Balos is off-road and as such not covered by any insurance, not the vehicle or the passengers. The non-asphalt road will cause damages to the car that the customer is obliged to pay, including towing expenses. As an alternative, you can take the ferry from Kissamos port, on a mini cruise ending at the Balos beach, for a small fee. Likewise, no off-road path is covered by insurance or by road assistance.

No-go car
In case that the driver cannot start the car, the company must be informed on the emergency phone number immediately. The driver must give the exact location of the car, so that we can call the road assistance company and give them directions. The driver must stay nearby the car with the keys until the road assistance company arrives and checks the car. If the car cannot be fixed on the spot, the road assistance company will take this car and we will replace it with another one.

Minimum rental period
The minimum rental period to hire a car with charge-free pickup/return of the car at a hotel or an area located within a range of 30 kilometers around Heraklion city is at least 3 days of rental. If your location is outside this range, extra charge for the car transfer will apply, depending on the distance of this location from Heraklion.

Insurance policy

  1. Included in the rental price
    The prices indicated on our website are final, with no hidden extras and with all included, such as :
    1. Full insurance 100% without excess ( no deductibles )
    2. Unlimited mileage
    3. 24hours road assistance anywhere in Crete & telephone service
    4. Free road maps of Crete – information concerning your route in Crete
    5. Baby/child seats up on request
    6. Roof racks, up on request
    7. Second driver for the car
    8. Free transfer of the car to/ from Heraklion airport or port or any hotel located in 30km distance from Heraklion city
    9. Late night delivery
    10. Delivery of the car -without further charge -on delayed arrivals

    Excluded from the rental price:

    1. Long distance transfers – outside 30km range from Heraklion city
    2. GPS, which is extra charged per day
    3. Fuel consumed during the rental period
    4. Traffic fines issued by the police during the rental period

    Insurance policy
    Our insurance is full 100% with NO EXCESS, NO need for credit card in:
    1. C.D.W.: Collision Damage Waiver
      Covers fully the damage on your car when an accident is involved
    2. F.D.W.: Full Damage Waiver
      Covers fully any damage that may occur in the car without an accident being involved
    3. W.U.G.: Wheels, Underside, Glasses
      Covers wheels, underside of the car, glasses and mirrors
    4. P.A.I.: Personal Accident Insurance
      Provides insurance for the driver and all the passengers (hospitalization and medicine)
    5. T.P.I.: Third Part Insurance
      Covers fully the damage of the other car involved
    6. T.W.I.: Theft Waiver Insurance
      The customer is fully relieved in any case of theft of the vehicle or parts of it (does not apply for personal belongings)
    7. F.I.: Fire Insurance
      The customer is fully relieved in any case of fire in the vehicle or parts of it (does not apply for personal belongings)

    We offer real full insurance with no deductibles, we do not block any money in the customer’s credit card for guarantee. You pay the total rental cost only in cash up on pick up of the car. The contract of agreement includes all the types of insurance mentioned above and this is your legal guarantee.

    Insurance policy
    The insurance coverage for the customer is full, unless:
    1. The customer drives under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    2. The customer violates a red traffic light
    3. The customer violates a STOP sign.
    4. The customercommits a traffic offence.
    5. The customer drives off- road(out of normal asphalt road).

    The Jeeps are 4x4 vehicles, especially manufactured for off- road driving and absolutely covered by insurance in this case.