Welcome to the beautiful island of Crete, a precious treasure glistening in the Mediterranean Sea, the home to the ancient Minoans, with amazing deep blue beaches, rough mountains, fascinating and busy towns, traditional villages, sweet wine, olive oil and sun. One of the best ways to experience the beauty and the extravagance of Crete is to drive around by car. We give you some useful tips to make your stay more comfortable.

Dimitra Owner - Inter Hellas Car Rentals
Check your e-mail

Please check that your e-mail address is correct : you will receive our respond in your e-mail box.

Early booking

The sooner you ask for a car, the more availability you will find.

Drive With Respect

Always respect the traffic code: the same laws apply all around the world. Be extra careful when driving all along Crete’s narrow and curvy roads.

Check your flight status

Please check that your flight number and exact time of arrival (in Creek local time please) is correct. If the flight details are not yet available, please provide this information later by e-mail or by telephone.

Use your mobile

It is trouble free and time saving to use a mobile in Crete: if for any reason we cannot find you up on your arrival, we will call you on your number. If anything occurs while on the road, you will have to call us at once as well.

Cancellation Procedure

If you wish to cancel your reservation: please inform us the soonest possible and give us the time convenience to reserve the car again. No cancellation fees will take place.

Second driver

Try to have a second driver added on your contract: we provide this for free and he/ she can be used as a back up in any case of illness or discomfort of the main driver. Always remember to take small breaks while driving: it is refreshing and energy-saving.

Gas stations

There are many gas stations in the main cities and on the highway of Crete, but only a few of them operate 24/7.

Friendly & hospitable people

Most of the Cretans speak English: do not hesitate to ask them for information while on the road.

Take my vehicle on the ferry

You are not allowed under any circumstance to take the rental car out of the island of Crete: it is forbidden and it will be reported as missing from the police.

When you switch off the car engine

Check for any lights or radio still on – this may fully consume the battery of the car. Please keep your GPS, luggage or personal belongings out of sight as much as possible and lock all the doors. Particurarly keep your GPS device away from the sun the longest possible and plug it in after you turn on the engine.

last minute request

Make a last minute request : we will be very happy to respond to any question you may have at any time!

Arrival Delay

Ιf your arrival is delayed : one of our staff members always waits for you on time.

Extra discount

Become a frequent customer: you will get an extra discount of 5 % during Low and Middle season in all car types!

Enjoy your stay

You rent a car to spend your holidays with flexibility and comfort, so use it with positive spirit and enjoy your leisure time in Crete!